Valdor Aircraft

Frequently asked questions

1. When will the BX wings be on the market?

Valdor Aircraft began manufacturing the wings; clients can now reserve their production schedule.


2. Why is it an advantage to install BX wings on a Beaver?

BX wings increase the aircraft?s performances, they increase the maximum load allowed at take off up to 6000 pounds as well as they increase the aircraft's range up to 1200 nautical miles when on wheels. The design of the BX wings also improves the aircraft's stability at low speed which decreases the risks of coming down in a stall.

3. How much do these BX wings coast?

Clients must contact Valdor Aircraft to get an estimate of the cost of the wings and of their installation.

4. Can BX wings be installed on Turbo Beavers (mk.3)?

Valdor Aircraft is currently working on getting the installation of the BX wings on the Turbo Beaver MK3 approved. According to the engineers? calculations, the possible cruising speed could be of 160 kts and the maximum load at take off of 6500 pounds.   Please contact Valdor Aircraft for more details.


5. Can the three place stow-away seats be installed in Turbo Beavers (mk.3)?

The stow-away seats can be installed without any problem in the Turbo Beavers.