About us

Valdor Aircraft is a company located at the Val-d’Or Regional Airport, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, in the province of Quebec, which is renowned for its quality aeronautical services.

Aero-Entretien and Services à l’aviation Hangar Q-60’s integration to Valdor Aircraft has made it possible to regroup several professional services for all aircraft, whether they are Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, de Havilland, Mooney, Aeronca, etc.

Valdor Aircraft specializes in the maintenance, modification and repair of several types of aircraft, on wheels, fleets or skis, as well as in aviation services for all types of aircraft, from the Cessna 150 to the Boeing 737.


Aviation Services Hangar Q-60 is founded

Aero Maintenance Q-60 is founded and the hangar is shared with Aviation Services

Accreditation of Aero Maintenance Q-60 by Transport Canada as an
approved maintenance organization according to CARs 573

Valdor Aircraft is founded

Advanced Wing Technologies and all its STCs is purchased by AVD

Aero Entretien Q-60 is purchased by Valdor Aircraft

Construction of a new hangar and paint room

Aviation Services is acquired by Valdor Aircraft

Accreditation of Valdor Aircraft by Transport Canada as an organization for the
construction and certification of aeronautical products according to CARs 561

Construction of a new fuel plan by Avjet

Major contract signature with Nolinor

Acquisition of equipment necessary for ground operations

BX Beaver certification project launch

First flight of the BX Turbo Beaver

Contract signature with PAL Airlines

Our team

Gaétan Gilbert

Gaétan Gilbert

President and CEO

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Simon Slater



Pier Labelle


Our team of highly qualified expert technicians has many years of experience in the aviation industry and has the necessary licenses and certifications to provide you with the best services.