The de Havilland Canada Beaver (DHC-2) is without a doubt the ultimate and most versatile bush plane ever built in the world of aeronautics.

The Beaver’s success is due to its simple design and excellent short takeoff and landing capabilities, even with heavy loads.

The DHC-2 Beaver excels on floats, wheels and skis.

A redefined model that outperforms the legend!

The combination of the BX wings with the legendary Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 turboprop engine makes the BX Turbo Beaver the greatest improvement on the DHC-2 airframe in decades.

The ambitious re-engine program had to meet the latest Transport Canada AWM523 and FAA FAR23 requirements, which are much more stringent and complex than when the Beaver was certified in 1948. To achieve this, many of the original aspects and systems have been improved and modified to include the new powerplant.

The modification has been designed by an experienced team of Transport Canada delegates, designers and technicians renowned in their respective disciplines.

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Factory new BX wings per SA97-88 Stainless steel custom exhaust stacks
Factory new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 turboprop engine Carbon fiber air inlet
Factory new Hartzell 106’’ three bladed propeller, reversible, full feathering, start locks and spinner kit Electrical actuated inertial particle separator & ice bypass
Factory new electronics international MVP-50T engine monitoring New lightweight & fire-resistant carbon fiber cowlings
Custom heavy duty engine mount Oil system with oil cooler & hoses
Hutchinson engine isolators Completely redesigned fuel system
200 AMP Ametek starter generator & generator control unit New bleed air cabin heat
Propeller and overspeed governor New avionics and redesigned instrument panel
Np & Nf tachometer generator Fresh set of technical publications
Concorde lead-acid stainless steel encapsulated battery


Maximum gross weight 5,999 LBS
Basic aircraft weight* 4,300 LBS
Main wings fuel capacity 148.2 USG
Auxiliary tanks capacity 64 USG
Max wing loading 23.5 LB/SQ FT

* Includes Header Tank of 14.5USG and 16US of unusable fuel.

Lenght 409.25 IN
Wingspan 52.2 IN
Wing area 255 SQ FT
Propeller clearance with ground 47.25 IN
Max power loading 7.99 LBS / SHP
Maximum take off power @ 2,000 RPM 750 SHP
Estimated max shaft horsepower 783 SHP
Maximum continuous power 700 SHP
Time before overall 4,000 hours
Maximum propeller speed 2,000 RPM
Propeller diameter 106 IN
Airframe limitations
Maximum operating speed Vmo (CAS) 170 MPH
Certified ceiling 18,000 FT
Operating temperature -40C @ +39C


Stall speed (FLAP 35) 68 MPH
Take off ground roll (runway) at sea level, gross weight, ISA 453 FT
Landing ground roll (runway) at sea level, gross weight, ISA 474 FT
Take off ground roll (water) at sea level, gross weight, ISA 570 FT
Landing ground roll (water) at sea level, gross weigt, ISA 582 FT
Max rate of climb at sea level, gross weight 1,922 FT/MIN
Max rate of climb at 12,000 FT, gross weight 1,704 FT/MIN

About the engine

Motor Beaver AVD - Pratt & Whitney

It is its proven performance and versatility that make the PT6A the engine of choice for single and twin-engine aircraft used in demanding, high-power, high-cycle applications, whatever the mission.

The PT6A is the only engine authorized to operate under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) for single-engine commercial passenger aircraft in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

About the seats

Valdor Aircraft manufactures seats specially designed for DHC-2 aircraft. These seats increase cargo space while improving passenger comfort. The folding seats can be divided into two sections, single and double, in order to adapt the space to the travel requirements.

In addition, they are fully stowable to maximize space. They can be easily removed without tools. Their chromoly tube design makes them strong and durable. The fabric color can be coordinated to match the aircraft color.

Seats can be installed by Valdor Aircraft team or by the buyer. Our team provides technical support.

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